ald/ald장비/ald진공장비 _ GEMStar-18™ 450mm Benchtop ALD System ALD / ARRADIANCE _ 나노큐

Continuing trends in technology-driven industries are driving towards increased performance, miniaturization, lower power consumption, lower production costs, and an environmentally friendly production environment.

Founded in 2003, Arradiance combines unique talents in material science, charged particle physics, equipment design, modeling and simulation, vacuum technology, and metrology.

With a concentration in charged particle detection and amplification, Arradiance is the first to develop and demonstrate the capability of producing high gain, low noise micro channel amplifiers. Using our proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) materials and equipment, Arradiance offers a new approach to electron amplification devices replacing the legacy traditional lead-glass/hydrogen firing process developed in 1960’s currently used for all state-of-the-art MCP applications.

With adoption in the near future of Arradiance process technologies, coupled with the recent advancements in vacuum MEMS technology, it is now foreseeable that high gain, low noise, low power semi-conductor process devices can be produced with far greater performance than traditional avalanche diode technologies.

GEMStar-18™ 450mm Benchtop ALD System

GEMSTAR™ Meeting the challenge of high aspect ratio deposition over a broad range of substrates in a small package

Economical systems engineered for heavyweight tasks and lightweight budgets

The product line deposits low temperature conformal metal, semiconductor and insulating films on planar and high aspect ratio (HAR) structures. They are designed for uniform conformal growth of films from precursors that have a CVD growth component.

The uniformity of thin films can determine whether a process or device works, the systems are designed to provide the user with the most uniform films possible, even in challenging HAR through-hole applications.

If you are doing ALD research at 450mm, ask about our 8 precursor 450mm GEMStar-18™ system

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ald/ald장비/ald진공장비 _ GEMStar-18™ 450mm Benchtop ALD System ALD / ARRADIANCE _ 나노큐

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