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Continuing trends in technology-driven industries are driving towards increased performance, miniaturization, lower power consumption, lower production costs, and an environmentally friendly production environment.

Founded in 2003, Arradiance combines unique talents in material science, charged particle physics, equipment design, modeling and simulation, vacuum technology, and metrology.

With a concentration in charged particle detection and amplification, Arradiance is the first to develop and demonstrate the capability of producing high gain, low noise micro channel amplifiers. Using our proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) materials and equipment, Arradiance offers a new approach to electron amplification devices replacing the legacy traditional lead-glass/hydrogen firing process developed in 1960’s currently used for all state-of-the-art MCP applications.

With adoption in the near future of Arradiance process technologies, coupled with the recent advancements in vacuum MEMS technology, it is now foreseeable that high gain, low noise, low power semi-conductor process devices can be produced with far greater performance than traditional avalanche diode technologies.

GEMSTAR-A™ Benchtop GAS Anneal

GEMSTAR™ Meeting the challenge of high aspect ratio deposition over a broad range of substrates in a small package 


Economical systems engineered for heavyweight tasks and lightweight budgets 


GEMSTAR™ Benchtop Anneal 

The product line anneals substrates in a vacuum controlled user selectable gas environment. 


The uniformity of thin films can determine whether a process or device works, the system is designed to provide the user with the most 

uniform films possible even in challenging HAR through-hole applications. 


Some key features of the system include: 

 Up to 200mm sq substrates and 3D objects 60mm tall. 

 Customizable end effector allows clean, simple and repeatable loading of substrates 

 Up to 500⁰C dual zone process reactor with substrate thermal control to ± 5°C 

 Distributed gas delivery insures uniform gas distribution over the entire substrate 

 System pressure monitoring 

 All metal seal gas handling 

 MFC controlled user selectable gas input 

 CF 2.75 flange reactor interface for easy attachment of optional QCM or mass spectrometer

GEMFlow™ Process Control 

Precise films require state-of-the-art controls. Our system maintains control over key parameters such as exposure, purge, background pressure 

and temperature at all zones. 

 User created/saved process recipes allows substrate to substrate and batch to batch consistency without sacrificing flexibility 

 Diagnostic system logging allows creation of traceable data of all system parameters during all process runs 

 Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-Bit  Internal GEMStar USB control module 

Easy Maintenance 

Simplified tool maintenance results from the use of a modular system design with benchtop access to all critical components 

 Critical system components can be removed allowing for cleaning of unwanted contaminants with little down time. 

 Rear access to vacuum, power and gas line connections 

 Small system footprint and light weight allows benchtop placement in any lab environment 

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ald/ald장비/ald진공장비_GEMSTAR-A™ Benchtop GAS Anneal/ARRADIANCE_나노큐

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